About Awards

The Indian Telly Awards, often referred to as the Tellys and founded in the year 2000 are presented by ITV 2.0 productions to celebrate and recognize talent and hard work in the television ecosystem. The formal ceremony at which the awards are presented takes place in Mumbai.

To earn an Indian Telly Award, an entry must demonstrate ground breaking and consistent performance through the year. With a 15-year reputation of awarding high caliber entries, the prestige of being recognised as an Indian Telly Awards winner is an enviable achievement.

Rules & Regulations

The Indian Telly Awards categories and rules have been designed taking into account feedback from the industry. There are 70+ categories for which entries can be sent. There is, however, NO LIMIT on the number of entries that can be submitted for each category for television work that has been produced/achieved/performed during the period from 1 July 2021 to 31 October 2022.

The Entry fee to participate for the awards will be as follows:

Early Bird Price - 2499 + GST (Extended Early Bird Deadline - 24th December 2022)

Entry Price - 3499 + GST (Extended Entry Deadline - 28 January 2023)

  • Each entry must have been telecast between 1 July 2021 to 31 October 2022.
  • Entries may be submitted by the Broadcaster or the Producer.
  • Entries without appropriate company authorization will not be accepted. There should be one authorized person for all the entries submitted.
  • Only categories that have at least three valid entries from different channels will be eligible for the jury process.
  • The entries for all categories have to necessarily be from the channels or networks that have national reach in India.
  • The entry submission process for Indian Telly Awards 2023 is completely online.
  • Entry submission should be filled in ENGLISH only.
  • Kindly upload the video files on YouTube or Google drive and make it public. The video must contain 1 episode (maximum 1 hour of your best work). Embedded URL (of the file uploaded) must be uploaded in the entry form.
  • Each entry must be explaining the following points in a 300 words summary: - Concept and its Originality - Production value - Creative presentation
  • Reason for nomination/ differentiating factor from other shows of same genre
  • Only entries that are complete and meet the necessary requirements will be accepted. 20-minute show reel of the television programme covering many episodes edited and compressed to give a flavour of the show should be submitted along with a 500 words synopsis of the show / programme and what went into its making like photographs, clippings of marketing activities, etc.
  • Each form can be used only for a single entry; No multiple entries per form will be permitted. The Indian Telly Awards Jury and The Indian Telly Awards Governing Body's decisions will be final and binding for all the entrants.
  • Duplication of entries by the Production House / Platform will not be allowed. The Production house / Platform should mutually decide and appoint one representative between the two parties for sending entries. If separate entries are received for the same programme / show from the Platform and Production House, it will be treated as ONE entry.
  • Please be sure to provide absolutely clear and correct information in the forms as the same would be used on the show packaging and in any sort of promotions.
  • Entries once submitted and accepted by Indian Television Dot Com Pvt Ltd, will be considered as final. No alterations, replacements will be permitted.
  • There will be no refunds of the entry fees if entries are rejected by the jury as entrants should take every care to ensure that they follow the instructions given in this kit.
  • An entry that does not adhere to all competition rules as outlined will be disqualified.
  • Entrants will not be notified of disqualification, nor will entry fees be refunded.
  • Entries once submitted, cannot be withdrawn or edited.
  • Click here to create login ID and password to register.
  • The registration will be complete post verification by Indiantelevision.com team. The login ID and password created will be activated and notified to applicant via e-mail confirmation.
  • Once the Login ID and Password is activated, the applicant can login and select the desired categories and proceed to fill the entries. The entire submission process is online.
To submit the entry:
  • Click on Login and enter your User ID and Password.
  • Select the desired categories.
  • Click on the "Next" Button.
  • List of all the categories selected will appear. In case you want to put multiple entries in the same category, click on the "Add More" button.
  • Click on the category and fill in prescribed contents of the form and attach the supporting material. Add video embedded link of the entry. You can upload your video/ audio links on Youtube and Google Drive. Make sure the video links are public and only embedded links are uploaded in the entry form. Form should be submitted in English only.
  • Please make your submission concise but provide enough relevant background information to enable the judges to make an informed choice.
  • The jury and the governing body of the Indian Telly Awards reserves the right not to award a winner in any particular category, if the quality of the entries does not meet up to the required standards.
  • Decision by the jury is final & binding.
  • The Indian Television Dot Com Group is a mere custodian of Indian Telly Awards 2023. The ITV Group team will neither be a part of the jury nor influence the decision making of the Jury in any manner.
  • The payment process is completely online. Mode of Payment: Net Banking - NEFT / RTGS / Net Banking / GPAY / PhonePe.
  • All entries become the property of The Indian Telly Awards organized by Indian Television Dot Com Pvt Ltd.
  • By submitting the entries, the entrants are authorizing Indian Television Dot Com Pvt. Ltd. and The Indian Telly Awards to use the content of the entries in any format whether broadcast TV (satellite, terrestrial or DTH or pay TV or PTA) or cable TV or film or radio or in print or mobile or podcast or the Internet or social media or digital or DVD or VCD or HD formats for the purpose of propagating and promoting The Indian Telly Awards for perpetuity for the general or specific public.


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