• The 15th Indian Telly Awards categories and rules have been designed taking into account feedback from the industry. There are 45 categories for which entries can be sent. There is, however, NO LIMIT on the number of entries that can be submitted for each category for television work that has been produced/achieved/performed during the period from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018.
  • The entries for all the categories have to reach the Indian Television Dot Com Pvt. Ltd. office in Mumbai (as per the address mentioned in this kit) on or before the closure of working hours on 31 January 2019. No entries will be accepted after the specified date under any circumstances.
  • A processing fee of Rs 2000/- PER ENTRY (Rupees Two Thousand Only) (GST as applicable). Please append a cheque / DD / Pay Order of the correct amount along with your entries. The payment should be made out in the name of INDIAN TELEVISION DOT COM PVT LTD. Cash payments will be accepted only in the case of hand deliveries and a receipt will be provided. There will be no refunds of the entry fees if entries are rejected by the jury as entrants should take every care to ensure that they follow the instructions given in this kit.
  • Only entries that are complete and meet the necessary requirements will be accepted. Respective 2 copies of DVD (HD quality) or Portable Storage Device must have one complete episode aired without commercials. Additionally, another 20-minute show reel of the television programme covering many episodes edited and compressed to give a flavour of the show should be submitted along with a 500 words synopsis of the show / programme and what went into its making like photographs, clippings of marketing activities, etc.
  • Label each storage device on the front: Title of entry, category number, duration of entry, show reel. Include the following additional information on the front label: company name, contact person, telephone no. and email address.
  • A covering letter must accompany the entry forms, detailing the total number of entries along with the category code, category name, name of the programme / nominees and payment details.
  • All category entries should be in HD quality - Quick Time (MOV) / Mp4 format with 5.1 audio mix embedded.
  • All postage/courier charges must be pre-paid. No entry material will be returned and all the submitted material will become the property of Indian Television Dot Com Pvt Ltd.
  • The entries for all categories have to necessarily be from the channels or networks that have national reach in India.
  • Only programmes in Hindi / English are allowed to participate. Regional language channels and programmes are not eligible for The Fifteenth Indian Telly Awards.
  • The details in the form should be handwritten clearly (IN LEGIBLE CAPITAL LETTERS ONLY).
  • Entries once submitted and accepted by Indian Television Dot Com Pvt Ltd, will be considered as final. No alterations, replacements will be permitted.
  • Duplication of entries by the Production House / Channel will not be allowed. The Production house / channel should mutually decide and appoint one representative between the two parties for sending entries. If separate entries are received for the same programme / show from the Channel and Production House, it will be treated as ONE entry.
  • Each form can be used only for a single entry; No multiple entries per form will be permitted. If you need more forms, you can photocopy the enclosed entry form or download one from www.indiantellyawards.com by following the instructions mentioned on the web site.
  • The Indian Telly Awards Jury and The Indian Telly Awards Governing Body's decisions will be final and binding for all the entrants.
  • The jury and the governing body of the Indian Telly Awards reserves the right not to award a winner in any particular category, if the quality of the entries does not meet up to the required standards.
  • PO 01 - Child Artiste (Boy)
  • PO 02 - Child Artiste (Girl)
  • PO 03 - Anchor/s in Reality Shows
  • PO 04 - Talk Show Host
  • PO 05 - TV Chef
  • PO 06 - Actor in a Comic Role (Male)
  • PO 07 - Actor in a Comic Role (Female)
  • PO 08 - Actor in a Supporting Role (Drama, Daily Soap) (Male)
  • PO 09 - Actor in a Supporting Role (Drama, Daily Soap) (Female)
  • PO 10 - Actor in a Supporting Role (Comedy) (Male)
  • PO 11 - Actor in a Supporting Role (Comedy) (Female)
  • PO 12 - Actor in a Negative Role (Male)
  • PO 13 - Actor in a Negative Role (Female)
  • PO 14 - Fresh New Face (Male)
  • PO 15 - Fresh New Face (Female)
  • PO 16 - Actor in a Lead Role - (Male)
  • PO 17 - Actor in a Lead Role - (Female)
  • PO 18 - Ensemble (Fiction)
  • PO 19 - Ensemble (Non-Fiction)
  • PO 20 - Programme with a Social Message
  • PO 21 - Daily Series
  • PO 22 - Weekender Show
  • PO 23 - Continuing TV Programme
  • PO 24 - Drama Series (Weekly / Daily / Biweekly)
  • PO 25 - Thriller/ Horror Programme
  • PO 26 - Sitcom/Comedy Programme (Fiction)
  • PO 27 - Comedy Show (Non-Fiction)
  • PO 28 - Reality Show
  • PO 29 - Game Show
  • PO 30 - Dance Talent Show
  • PO 31 - Singing Talent Show
  • PO 32 - Mythological / Historical Series
  • PO 33 - Judge on a TV Show
  • PO 34 - Youth Show (Fiction)
  • PO 35 - Youth Show (Non-Fiction)
  • PO 36 - Televised Event
  • PO 37 - Best Jodi
  • PO 38 - Best Animated Kids Show
  • PO 39 - Best Show for Kids (Fiction)
  • PO 40 - Best Show for Kids (Non-Fiction)
  • PO 41 - Most Popular International Show on Indian Television
  • PO 42 - Best Adaptation of International Format on Indian TV (Fiction)
  • PO 43 - Best Indian Original Format (Fiction)
  • PO 44 - Best Indian Original Format (Non-Fiction / Reality)
  • PO 45 - Best Series (Episodic)

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